Voyager Master Installation Steps

This article will guide you on the steps required to do a clean installation of Voyager. It is organized in steps to avoid potential problems.

1. Use this Special Process to completely uninstall Voyager if previously installed. See:

2. Start Voyager. If asked to update, choose Skip Until Later. Assuming you have used Voyager WebSync feature in the past, based on your email address, the WebSync login window should appear. If not just continue with the first time step Wizard.

3. Lastly verify modules have been activated. From the “Tools” menu, select “Modules” There should be a checkmark next to these 4 modules: Smart Plan Premier, GlassView, XM WX Link and SmartPlates (not SmartPlates Pocket PC). Should be green and the text should say registered, non-trial next to each module.

Please note the number of installation are limited to 3. Please contact support for help.


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