Problem Downloading Maps & Charts

Issue: You are not able to download data for some states or you have a problem with downloading Alaska or Texas data.

Generally speaking, large downloads should not be performed while connected to the Cellular Data (3G or 4G) network or if your internet service is thorough a Satellite Dish. While these service are fine for small data loads (like email or Web pages) they generally fail with much larger data sets. 

Free Wi-Fi internet is available at many public places or retail stores. McDonalds, Starbucks, FedEx, Public Library, just to name a few.

Please try the following:

  1. Verify the amount of free space that is 'Available' on the iPad. Its under Setting\General\Usage. An entire set of data, including the high-res terrain used only for 3D synthetic vision, is about 18 GB.  Of that, about 1/3 is Alaska alone and 1/3 is the high-res terrain.  You can disable the high-res terrain if you don't use the 3D system and skip Alaska unless you fly there.
  2. Turn *on* Airplane Mode
  3. Turn *on* Wi-Fi.
  4. Turn *off* all States by tapping on the state until its clear (no color).
  5. Select only one state or a small number.
  6. Turn off download types you don't need.  The High-Res terrain alone takes about 1/3 of the data so turn that off if you don't use the 3D synthetic vision feature.  Keep the Low-Res terrain on, however.
  7. Plug-in the iPad to AC power
  8. Press the 'Update Now'
  9. You can click Done to close the Data Manager but you need to keep FlyQ EFB running for the downloads to continue.


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