FlyQ EFB Supported Devices

FlyQ EFB supported devices. Updated: 10/28/2018 -kar

--Seattle Avionics
Merlin (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi)

--Aspen Avionics &
Evolution MFD (Send Flight Plan/WiFi)

—Avidyne Release 10.2
IFD Series (GPS/TISB/FISB/AHRS/2-way flight plan/WiFi)

KGX Series

SkyView (ADSB/AHRS/GPS/2-way Flight Plan/WiFi)

--Garmin Ltd. & (upload flight plan)
GNS 400W/500W series navigators includes:
GPS 400W, GNC 420W, GNC 420AW, GNS 430W, GNS 430AW, GNS 530W, GNS 530AW, and the GPS 500W.
The GNS480 is not currently part of the compatible series. Requires Aspen Connected Panel. 

--Dual Electronics Corp *
XGPS-150A (GPS WAAS/Bluetooth/1 Simultaneously device)
XGPS-160 (GPS WAAS/Bluetooth/5 Simultaneously devices)
XGPS-170 (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz/Bluetooth/2 Simultaneously)
XGPS-170D (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/Bluetooth/2 Simultaneously)
XGPS-190 (AHRS/GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz/Bluetooth/2 Simultaneously)

--Levil Aviation *
iLevil3 AW (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi/Data Recorder)
iLevil3 SW (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi/Data Recorder)
iLevil2 AW (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi)
iLevil2 SW (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi)
iLevil Sport (GPS WAAS/AHRS/Wi-Fi)
iLevil AW (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi)#
iLevil SW (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi)#
G-mini SW (AHRS/Bluetooth)#

--L-3 Com
Lynx NGT Series

--Radenna *
SkyRadar DX (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi)

--Sagetech (no longer manufactured)
Clarity (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/Wi-Fi)#
Clarity SV (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi)#

--Flight Data Systems Inc.
Pathfinder (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz/Wi-Fi)
Pathfinder Remote (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz/Wi-Fi)

--Appareo Systems !
Stratus 3 and 3i (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi)
Stratus 1 (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz/Wi-Fi)#
Stratus 2 (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz+1090MHz/AHRS/Wi-Fi)
Stratus 1S (GPS WAAS/ADS-B IN @978MHz/Wi-Fi)

--FreeFlight Systems
Ranger Series

--NavWorks, Inc. (no longer manufactured)
ADS600 series

--SkyGuard TWX
Transceiver Models
Receiver Models

--Flight Simulators
Microsoft Flight Simulator \ Lockheed Prepar3D

* Seattle Avionics is an Authorized Reseller for these brands
# Discontinued
& Connected Panel required (
! Manufacturer does not officially support 3rd party apps and may take actions to block.

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