Getting Started with Aspen MFD

If you just had a Aspen MFD installed or you purchased a aircraft with a Aspen MFD, this article will help you get started. 

Step 1
Create a account and get 90 days free!

Step 2
Install Data Manager

Step 3
Configure Data Manager
Enter the login from Step 1. If the first setup wizard doesn't ask for it, click on Email\PWD button to enter login.

Step 4
Click 'Update Now' to begin downloading data.

Data Manager runs all the time in the background checking for updates 4 times daily. When it see a update, it begins downloading data if the computer isn't asleep.   Data updates are on the same FAA cycle and we normally release the data a few days before. First time download is about 2GB for approx. 20,000 plate images. About 1 to 8 hours depending on internet connection. The next cycle will take less time because Data Manager is smart enough to only download the plates that have changed, about 1GB.

Lights will turn green when the data has been download (On Computer) and when the transfer to the SD card (On Device) is complete. 

At the very top of Data Manager, two status lights show Subscription status and if the card is connected. You only need to insert the card when ready copy from the PC to SD card. Just click on 'Update Now'.

Since the MFD is a certified avionic, only data cards from Jepp are supported. Store bought cards do not work. 


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