Data Manager v3.7 is available

Data Manager v3.7 is available.

  1. Improved its validation of currently downloaded data without a large performance difference.
  2. Added a cleanup routine that removes old, unused PNG files each month. This should help avoid issues with the # of files allowed in a FAT32 directory.
  3. Fixed minor bugs with some EU vs US switches not always being obeyed.
  4. Fixed problems specific to EU data downloads for the AV8OR ACE.
  5. Confirmed that the country directory structure on the data cards matches what we believe Evolution expects (that is, use the Airports table as a guide not the first two-letters of each filename).
  6. Added selections for the KSN 765 and 770.
  7. Added/expanded Help files for new regions and data products.
  8. Added additional logging to help resolve potential future issues more easily.

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