What does the LAYOUT button do in Voyager?

The Voyager Flight Software System shows information relevant to each stage of flight from checking the weather, to pre-flight planning to enroute use, and more.  It does this by displaying one or more widgets.  A widget is a portion of the screen dedicated to showing a specific type of information.  For example, there is a Chart widget that shows a map, a NavLog widget that shows a standard navigation log, a Wind Optimizer widget that shows in-flight winds aloft, and so on.

 As there are many widgets and each can be displayed in a variety of different sizes and locations, Voyager contains many pre-defined combinations of widgets, each ideal for particular tasks or stages of flight.  These are called Layouts.  If you're familiar with GPS systems, you can think of these as pages or screens.

Switching from one layout to another is very easy; simply click the button on the bottom toolbar to see a list of all layouts.  Select a layout just by clicking it.

 Layouts are grouped by primary use -- in-flight or desktop.  That is, layouts designed mainly for desktop pre-flight use are grouped together while the many in-flight layouts are grouped together. When you click , the other layouts designed for the same function (desktop vs. in-flight) are listed first.  Below those, under a dividing line, are the other layouts listed alphabetically.  This makes it easy to find related layouts, especially while in the air.

 Refer to Voyager's Help system for more information about Layouts.  Select Common Tasks from the Help menu and click "What does the Layout button do? "

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