Can I customize the Chart settings in voyager?

Absolutely!  Voyager allows very precise control over the Chart.  Right-click on a Chart window and select Customize Chart, select Customize Chart from the Chart menu or click the Customize icon on the Chart toolbar.

You can turn any or all layers off then click OK to see the results.  Use the Weather tab to show/hide the weather layers.

Click Advanced for further customization options, including the Range at which each item becomes visible (in other words, even if an item is checked for display, it may be suppressed for clarity if the range is too large.  The Advanced button lets you tailor the suppression point.)

Tip:  Once you customize the Chart, you can save all these settings combined as a Theme.  Later, you can immediately apply this theme to any Chart just by selecting its name from the Themes menu  at the top of the main window.

Click Save as default to use the current settings whenever a new Chart window appears.

Note:  If you'd like to revert to the original default settings, click Advanced then use the Restore presets button.

How do I get Voyager to default to my personal Chart settings?

When a Chart opens, Voyager examines whether it's an IFR or VFR flight to determine which theme (Chart settings) to use.  If no flight plan is involved, it uses your default preference for IFR vs. VFR (Tools/Options/Plan Type).  You can tell Voyager which theme to use for IFR and VFR modes individually with the Default VFR theme and Default IFR theme drop-downs.

Additionally, you can customize each theme or add new ones.  Simply set the Chart settings as you like them select Edit from the Themes menu and click Set.


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