How do I transfer my Voyager registration to a new PC?

I just got a new computer and want to transfer my license.  How do I do that?

1.  Do a Web Synch (File | Web Synch) from the current machine to copy all your settings.

2.  Download the current version of Voyager from one of the URLs below (that is, never install from an old CD) to your new machine, saving the file to a location you'll remember such as your Windows Desktop:

3.  Install Voyager on the new machine by double-clicking the file (VoyagerSetup.exe) you downloaded in Step 2 above.

Please Note:  A current ChartData subscription is required to install a newer version of Voyager than the one you got when you purchased.

4.  Run Voyager on the new machine.  When Voyager asks for your email address, be certain to use the same email you used to purchase Voyager.  This is your customer ID.

5.  During the First Time Setup Wizard, Voyager should detect the settings you saved during the Web Synch and copy them to the new machine. 

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