Can I use Microsoft Flight Simulator or my GPS to 'drive' GlassView?

Voyager's GlassView module can be 'driven' by another computer running Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The article describes how to do this.

 What You Need:

 Two computers, at least one with a standard serial port.  Note: You may be able to find a way to do this strictly using a network connection but that is not discussed here.

 For two desktop machines: A Null Modem Cable or a Null Modem Adapter + standard serial cable.  These should be easily and inexpensively found at any computer store but ask to make sure you get a null modem, as opposed to normal serial cable, if you aren't sure.  The difference is that some of the pins are reversed in the Null Modem case and the system won't work with a normal cable.

 For one desktop and one laptop:  A USB-> serial cable and the Null Modem cable (or a Null Modem Adapter and standard serial cable -- see above).  Belkin makes a USB->Serial connector that has been tested with Voyager and is assumed here.


 Note:  If you're using a desktop and a laptop, be sure to run Voyager on the desktop (that is, the machine with a serial connector) and Flight Sim on the laptop (i.e. the machine with just USB connectors).  We'll refer to the Flight Sim machine as FS and the Voyager machine as V.

 1.  Download and unzip Peter Dowson's GPSOut from to the FS machine.  The zip file includes installation instructions and you'll need to read and follow them.  For Voyager, use Sentences=RMC,PGRMZ,GGA in GPSOut.ini

 2.  Connect the machines

 A.  If you're using two desktop machines:  Simply connect the serial ports of FS and V together with the Null Modem cable (or Null Modem Adapter + standard serial cable). 

 B.  If you're using one laptop and one desktop:  Run FS on the laptop and V on the desktop machine (that is, the one with a real serial port).  Connect the Belkin USB -> Serial adapter to the laptop and install the Belkin software.  The laptop will probably have to be rebooted.  After the reboot, connect the USB connector to the laptop and the Null Modem cable (or Null Modem Adapter + standard serial cable) to the serial side of the Belkin adapter.  Connect the other side of the cable to the desktop machine's serial port.

 Using Flight Simulator:

 1.  Restart Flight Sim if it is currently running as the GPSOut.dll is only loaded when Flight Sim begins.

 2.  Open a flight plan on FS or otherwise begin flying.  Data flows only when FS is 'flying'. 

 Tip:  Remember that Voyager can create Flight Simulator flight plans.  In Voyager, while a flight plan is open, select Send to GPS/PDA from the File menu and select the Microsoft Flight Simulator option.  After Voyager creates the file, you'll have to copy it to the right directory on the FS machine (usually My Documents\Flight Simulator Files)

 3.  Open Voyager and select the Fly option (GlassView).  If data is flowing, Voyager will automatically center on the correct location and you're good to go.  If a map of the entire US comes up, Voyager isn't getting the data and you should review the installation instructions in GPSOut.


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