Trouble Uninstalling Voyager

I tried to un-install Voyager, and had trouble.

If the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs method fails for some reason, there is a simple manual removal method.

Windows Install Cleanup Utility Summary

Sometimes the built-in Windows Uninstall program fails to uninstall Voyager correctly.  Microsoft has a provided a tool to correct the error.  Running this tool and manually deleting a directory should correct the problem but simply deleting the directory will cause problems -- this Uninstall tool must be run first.


If the Windows Installer (MSI) has a problem uninstalling a problem, it may be left in a state where the program can neither run nor be uninstalled.  The Microsoft program MSICUU2.EXE corrects the problem so the application can be manually removed (that is, directory deleted).


1.  Download and run

2.  From Windows, click Start then select All Programs and select Windows Install Clean Up.

3.  In the list, find (All users) Voyager to delete any Voyager version prior to 3.0.  To delete version 3.0 or later (including a beta of 3.0), find (All users) Voyager Flight Software System.

4.  Click Remove.  Click Exit.

5.  Manually remove the files by clicking Start from Windows and selecting the Run command.

6.  Type \ <Enter Key> to go to the root of your C: drive.

7.  Select c:\Program Files\Seattle Avionics\Voyager (for any shipping version of Voyager).  Press the DEL or DELETE key on your keyboard.


The application has now been removed.  If you want to also remove any Windows Registry keys and program settings (NOT recommended if you're uninstalling an old version of Voyager so as to allow installation of a new version!), see the previous FAQ.


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