How to activate Voyager Modules

Voyager has two modes;  1) DUAT/Freeflight mode – with simple, limited functionality, or 2) Voyager mode – where you activate MODULES to enable features.  The flight planner is called SmartPlan, the moving map is called GlassView, and the Approach Plate manager is called SmartPlates.  This FAQ tells you how to activate the Modules.

 Activating Modules

1. Start Voyager

2. From the “Tools” menu, select “Modules”

3. Choose “Select specific modules to activate”.

4. Put a check mark next to these 4 modules: Smart Plan Premier, GlassView, XM WX Link and SmartPlates (not SmartPlates Pocket PC).

5. Click “Ok”

6. You should then see a pop-up box saying “thank you for activating” or “thank you for being a customer”, confirming that you successfully activated the modules. 

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