How to remove Voyager from Windows XP

-First make hidden folders visible
open the 'folder options' control panel
click on the 'view' tab
select 'show hidden files, folders, and drives'
click 'ok'

Go to Start\Control Panel\Add Remove Programs
Remove Voyager
Remove Seattle Avionics Data Manager (if installed)

-Delete files remaining folders (both 1 and 2)
1. C:\Documents and Settings\<Your Name>\Application Data\Seattle Avionics.
2. C:\Program Files\Seattle Avionics

-Remove Registry Keys
Open 'regedit' program (C:\Windows\regedit)
Delete 'Seattle Avionics' folder (node)

-Here's the link to the newest Voyager. Use 'save as' or 'save', do *not* use 'run'.
Right-Click on the installer and select 'run as administrator' (even if your an admin on the system)

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