Slow Downloads or Transfers

Problem: Its takes a long time to download and transfer data.

Its been our experience that the problem can be either a local (office or home) network issue and/or security software issue. In some cases an old computer or Media Card Adaptor can be the culprit because of the limit transfer speeds (USB 1.0 vs USB 3.0).

Network: The delivery network is the same used by Amazon and Netflix and is very robust. Over 200,000 pilots download data from this network every 28 days. The issue is can be with the local network and can go unnoticed for years. Often a customer will believe the network is not the issue because they can download email and surf the web. Under light data loads, like with email or web, network issue can go unnoticed. While it is beyond the scope of this article to advise on how to fix network issue, we suggest you contact your internet provider. As a test, put Data Manager on a different computer using a different internet provider.

Security Software: Most security software will scan files as they are downloaded and transferred to another device or card. Also a program like Data Manager activities are scanned by security software. Normally scanning only a few files goes unnoticed. In a typical data set there is about 20,000 or more files. This means that each file can be scanned up to 3 times. Download, Transfer, and Processing. While it is beyond the scope of this article to advise on how to configure security, we have provided the required information needed to do so.

Exclude App or Process:

  • Datamanager.exe

Exclude Directories:

  • C:\Users\<login name>\AppData\Roaming\Seattle Avionics
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Seattle Avionics *or* C:\Program Files\Seattle Avionics
  • External Data Card (example for Aspen or Dynon)

If you still have a problem, install Data Manager on another computer and a different network. 


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