Data Manager v4.1.4.0414 released.


A substantially improved version of the Data Manager is now available to all Data Manager users for all devices.  As the Data Manager has an automatic update feature, most users will get it installed automatically.



The new version is





1.  Fix for a setting in the ScannedCharts.sqllite not being set correctly in all cases.  This should have affected Dynon users only.


2.  Fix for the Flight Guide switch not being used when determining to download and copy Flight Guide diagrams.  Dynon only.


3.  Vastly (like 3 or 4x) faster copying of Scanned Sectionals, IFR Low, and IFR High charts to the USB Flash drives.


4.  Better handling of Cancel in a few cases.


5.  Better error logging.


6.  New “Advanced” button in the Options dialog box that lets the user:


a.  Send the DataManager log file to us via email much more easily (it zips the log, places the zip on the Desktop, opens the email client)


b.  Button to open the download directory on the PC to examine files, delete them, etc.


c.  Button to open the data directory on the USB flash drive or memory card for the same reason — delete data, examine it, etc.


d.  Button to find and fix errors on the USB stick or memory card (I.e. “chkdsk /f”)


7.  Check for app updates (that is, to the Data Manager itself) now happens immediately when the app is launched so bugs that might cause crashing at launch can be fixed via auto update.


8.  Revised some Help text to mention how long copying Sectionals, etc. can take to the USB drive.


9.  Revised interface all states for download.  GRT/Dynon only.



It can also be manually downloaded from:



NOTE: Select the correct version of Data Manager that matches the subscription for your device. See below. If you have a paid subscription to multiple devices, use Voyager DataManagerSetup.exe.

Seattle Avionics 'Voyager'

Aspen 'MFD'

Dynon 'SkyView'

GRT "Horizon'

Bendix\King 'AV8OR ACE'

Bendix\King 'AV8OR Hand Held '

AvMap 'EKP V'



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