Data Manager: Automatic Downloading

Here is some suggestions to take advantage built-in features of Data Manager

Data Manager starts every time when Windows starts; unless you have disable that feature under Options. Data Manager was designed  to run in the background checking for updates once-an-hour. When Data Manager finds a new data, it *automatically* downloads only data that has changed from the last cycle to the local PC.

But wait there's more! It gets even better, leave a extra data card in the computer, Data Manager will *automatically* update that too!

ChartData follows the same 28 Day cycle as the FAA. Normally its released 48 to 72 hours before the Effective Date.

You can install Data Manager on up to 5 computers. Run a copy of Data Manager at the office, home, laptop, and hangar computers.

If you follow these easy steps you'll never have to sit and wait for data. 


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