FlyQ DTC DUAT/Lockheed Martin

Due to the FAA decision not to renew DTC contract for Direct User Access Terminal (DUAT) service, FlyQ will no longer be able to a file flight plan with DTC DUAT effective July 15, 2015.

Our team has added support for Lockheed Martin Flight Services. Requests using the DTC DUAT setting are redirected through LMFS anonymously. A LMFS account is not required. In the next release the screen will be updated.

Another option is to switch to CSC DUAT.

Here's how:
Sign Up for a free account at
In FlyQ go to the Settings screen (gear icon)
Select Pilot Profile
Tap on the pilot name to enter edit mode
Enter your CSC DUATS ID and Password
Tap on "Set WX/Flight plan Provider" and select "DUATS"
Be sure to click on SAVE (top right)

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