Merlin Description of Connectors, Ports, and Case

The Merlin ADS-B portable receiver has the follow ports.


Case narrow ends

1. 978MHz and 1090NHz antenna connections.

2. Cable notch in case for external 

3. microSD memory card slot. Required, do not remove. Like a computer hard drive, the system runs off this card.

4. Status lights, Red and Green (right of center). For more info see: Merlin Staus Lights Explained


Case wide ends

1. Micro USB power. Requires 5 volts and 2.4 amps power source for proper performance. 

2. HDMI. Currently not in use.

3. Audio. Currently not in use.

4. Vents on each side. Note: The GPS light can be view from vent. For more info see: Merlin GPS Light Explained


Case top

1. Fan. Do not cover during operation. 


Case bottom

Screws x 6. Remove to access system and radios.


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