Merlin/Stratux Firmware Update Process

In this article we explain the process of re-imaging the microSD card for the Merlin. The microSD card contains the operating system for the device. The card can be removed without opening the case. It is located to the left of the red and green status lights. You will need small tweezers or a small Needle Nose Pliers to gently pull the card out. A microSD card adaptor is required if the computer is not equipped to accept the card.

You will need to download a file that is written to the microSD card. This file contains the operating system and is download in a compressed file format (.zip). The filename looks something like this: Once the file has been decompress (unzipped) it should look like stratux-v1.4r3-4de2420803.img. To copy/write the img file to the micorSD card use, Etcher. Its a free app for PC or Mac.

  1. Download Stratux Operating System.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Install Etcher utility to copy Stratux to the card.
  4. Run Etcher to complete the process.

If the above process fails, try again. If it fails again, then the card is BAD. Suggest using a Sandisk microSD 4GB. 

Here is a youtube video that shows the entire process.

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