Merlin Important Information

This article is for dissemination of timely information that effects operation and or performance of the Merlin. In addition this article will list update and correction to the printed manual. 

1. Do not charge the battery while connected to the Merlin at the same time. This will cause the voltage to drop below a level that is required for normal operation. This is evident by the RED Power light not coming on. This will cause Wi-Fi, GPS, and/or ADS-B radios to be intermittent. At the time when the Pilot Guide was written, this was not known. 

For proper operation, use only acceptable power sources rated at 5 volts and 2.5 amp OUTPUT. Acceptable power sources include: cigarette lighter to USB adaptor, a battery pack (not connect to a charger), or 120v to USB power supply (like the iPad Charger). 

2. Support ForeFlight is now built-in starting with Merlin/Stratux System Software v1.4r5+. ForeFlight v10+ is required.

3. As of November 2018 the Pilot Guide was been updated and is included will purchase going forward. A electronic copy is available to download from

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